Fieldwork Project 2015:

The work of this project stems from an aspiration to extend the work of secular mindful based practices and include in its evolution, a move toward social justice. In collaboration with Compassion LA and The Relational Center a Relational Practice was developed which sought to explore how the communities of compassionate practice may help deconstruct systems of oppression on an intrapsychic, inter personal and structural way. 

The following questions are asked:

-How is the ability to be self-compassionate and of compassion toward others effected by one's positionality? 

-What would be an inclusion of a broader systems view be like, white privilage, structural violence etc? 

-How might group formation be restructured in an 8 week course that would promote the generation of deep ongoing support and care

-And observation of the apparent racial homogeneity of the MSC groups and how to become more inclusive 

-Adapt a single MSC module to include structural conditions OR Construct an MSC model that is embedded with structural awareness?



The purpose of The Relational Movement is to coordinate a global effort to broadcast a compelling story that keeps us connected to a sense of who we are as human beings and our place in the cosmos. That story promotes the reinvigoration of a culture that deeply values relationships with our “earth community”—our most precious resource—so that we can ensure our resiliency and sustainability in the face of mounting global crises. The story reminds us that humans are Earthlings, that we belong to an ecology that has been on a very long journey along with our whole universe for billions of years. The story tells us that we are part of an exquisite life system that will sustain us only as long as we understand our place in it.

The Relational Movement calls upon humans everywhere to resonate to and pass along this compelling story, so that together we can promote an intentional culture that ritualizes the practices of empathy, inclusion and collaboration in a world where social isolation and disengagement now abound. It is a movement that supports many other movements, seeking to contribute an understanding of the critical role culture has played and can still play in influencing human consciousness. We are at a new turning point in our history where our best chances for survival depend on our capacity to harness our human potential to ensure we can thrive in harmony with the diverse expressions of life on our planet. This movement calls upon our global human family to unite in cultivating a peaceful, sustainable world.