I have the great pleasure to be working with a cutting edge organization that leads with values, 

I believe that sharing my values will help you decide if you would like to work with me. I believe in helping promote a community whose culture that values compassiondiversityequity and sustainability.

To promote these values we commit to these intentional practices:

  • Collective Empathy (the practices of embodied storytelling and collective resonance which form the basis for access to mutual understanding and compassion, activating the capacity to recognize human belonging that transcends different groups and cultures)
  • Radical Inclusion (the practices of strengths-based, appreciative inquiry and collaborative communication in the context of everyday community life, encouraging people to accept and value each other's differences)
  • Democratic Participation (the practices of respectful collaboration and distribution of shared responsibility for the well being of communities)
  • Ongoing Cultivation (the practices of relational organizing and leadership to engage people in building and sustaining a healthy, diverse and participatory culture)


-Body awareness and the somatic process